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Why is mental health training important?

I’ve been doing a lot of talking recently, which is not unusual for me. What is unusual is the variety of people I’ve been talking to, businesses, organisations, former colleagues, friends, family, neighbours. The pandemic has brought the topic of mental health into sharp focus like never before. Whilst we grapple with the fear of catching the virus, the loss of contact with people we care about and our fears for jobs and our finances , our minds are dealing with huge levels of uncertainty and that is stressful and worrying. People who would never have classed themselves as having any ‘mental issues’ may now be feeling high levels of anxiety and low mood.

At every course I run, I speak to groups I am training and ask them why they are there. Some have an interest, some have had personal experience and some have simply been sent by their managers. Every time I tell them that I am delighted that all of them are here and that for whatever reason they are here, they are doing a brilliant thing. I get a few sceptical looks, I can tell you! But the reason I say this is because by attending a training course, for whatever reason, you are causing a ripple effect. Even if you learn one nugget of knowledge and take that forth to other people, family, friends, colleagues, a stranger in the street, you are passing that onto someone else and then they may pass it and so forth. By promoting awareness, understanding and empathy in our own spaces, we contribute to a collective whole that makes things better for people living with mental ill health. That is why I am always so delighted when someone has booked onto one of the courses I deliver, because they can create change and they may not even know it yet. We need this now more than ever and I will be delighted to welcome any one of you onto one of my training courses.

For more information on the course packages I deliver, you can visit the MHFA England website, where you will find information on the content and format of the training. Please visit the Claire Henson Training website for more information on dates and how to book.

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